Chat with your friends in CardParty!

We know how much you love to play with your friends, and how much you were missing them on the new version of CardParty!

That's why we've made sure that in the latest update you access to your friends' list on CardParty for mobile!

But there is more!
We updated the chat so it's much easier for you to chat with your friends while playing!

Play GamePoint CardParty!

Android :


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New Bingo Collections!

 Who's excited for even MORE fun in GamePoint Bingo! Starting today you can find even more Bingo Collections in your favorite rooms, because we've added a whole bunch of new ones.

Find BRAND-NEW special Collection items on your bingo Cards, and daub them as the number gets called to earn a piece towards completing your Collection. Once you've collected all the pieces and completed your Collection, claim your special prize!

Here's a short reminder on how Bingo Collections work:

  • Enter specific rooms to work on specific collections
  • You'll see some cards with shadows behind the numbers during the round
  • Daub all the highlighted numbers on one card and you win a piece for your collection
  • Once you completed a Bingo Collection, claim your reward!

Want to know how many items you still need and what else there is to explore? Click on the Inventory button at the start screen or in any room to find all the information you need: Collections you still need to complete, Collections that are waiting for you, and so much more!

Start Collecting now!

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